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Chambers On-Air

5:40 PM -- I don't watch CNBC during the day. I often work from home, where the TV and computer are kept in separate rooms, for obvious reasons.

But Ray McConville clued me in about John Chambers appearing on CNBC, just now. So, what the heck, I abandoned my post and tuned in.

Chambers was being interviewed by Maria Bartiromo, as were Susan Arnold (a product exec for Proctor & Gamble) and James Rogers (no, not our guy, but the CEO of Duke Energy). They were at the Clinton Global Initiative in NYC, talking about all the big issues CNBC people talk about.

What's the over/under, I asked myself, on how long it takes for Chambers to mention TelePresence? Well, I tuned in at just the right time -- it wasn't more than 15 seconds. Rogers had made some comment about energy, and Chambers gave a long response about conservation, tossing a quick, unexplained "TelePresence" mid-sentence.

Do you get the feeling Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) is excited about this technology?

Well, that made my day. Off goes the TV. I need to save my brain cells for this weekend's possible four-way tie in Major League Baseball.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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