Ceragon Wireless System Deployed

TEL AVIV -- Ceragon Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ: CRNT), a global provider of high-capacity broadband wireless systems for next generation communications networks, and First Mark Comunicaciones España, a leading broadband operator, announce today that the broadband wireless capacity barrier has been broken with the industry’s first commercial deployment of a 311 Mbps system, Ceragon’s FibeAir 3100. The FibeAir 3100 is a scalable, ultra-high capacity wireless networking solution that enables service providers to progressively increase network capacity from 155 to 311 Mbps. Based on Ceragon’s FibeAir 1500, the FibeAir 3100 operates in the same frequency channel in dual polarization, thus doubling the capacity over a single channel. The FibeAir 3100 is compliant with ETSI and FCC standards for operation worldwide. FirstMark Communications is building out a pervasive, end-to-end broadband communications network in Europe. FirstMark Comunicaciones España is deploying both the FibeAir 1500 and 3100 systems, operating in the 38 GHz band, to provide high-speed connectivity throughout FirstMark’s wireless metropolitan network in Spain.

“Ceragon was the first company in the world to deliver high-capacity, high-frequency wireless connections at 155 Mbps in the 38 GHz frequency band, and now we continue to maintain our leadership position as the first company to provide 311 Mbps for commercial deployment,” said Shraga Katz, president and CEO, Ceragon Networks. “At 311 Mbps, our FibeAir 3100 not only exceeds all other commercial system speeds, but it also drives additional revenue for our customers by optimizing resources.”

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