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Celebrate 'Nokia Sucks!' Day

2:00 PM -- Today is officially "Nokia Sucks!" day on the Red Panda blog.

Each year, on September 22 -- while less-enlightened folks observe National Centenarians' Day or Elephant Appreciation Day -- we celebrate the anniversary of Light Reading's worst business trip, ever.

It was exactly three years ago to this day (give or take a month) that we sallied forth to the frozen wastes of Helsinki, for what was supposed to be the first-ever formal meeting between Light Reading's new wireless publication, Unstrung, and the good people of Nokia.

Not exactly a local trip, Light Reading sent three executives by car, plane, and ferryboat -- from San Francisco, New York, and London (combined travel distance: 11,000 miles). Nokia was supposed to send six guys (combined travel distance: 700 feet).

In the non-event, we were greeted by exactly one junior PR gal. "Sorry," she perked, "they are all sick."

We ventured to ask whether it was just possible, perhaps, that at least some of the six were not actually sick at all? That they might, in fact, at that very moment be sitting on their Finnish arses upstairs at Nokia HQ, not bothering to come to the meeting?

"Oh yes," she gaily replied, as she wheeled us to the exit. "Many people here at Nokia spend a lot of time trying to avoid meetings."

And that was that.

Now, to have one executive skiver not show up would be par for the course in any telecom company in the world. But to get a six-pack, you simply must travel to Scandinavia. Needless to say, Red Panda still considers this an absolutely peerless litmus test of Nokia's competence as a telecom supplier.

— Red "I wanted to call it 'F***ing Finland Day,' but the lawyers said no" Panda, Light Reading

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