Carriers Face 'Britney' Dilemma

It's a dilemma facing all of today's mobile operators: How do you handle the charging and billing process if a customer downloads a video clip, or some other content, that crashes half way through or is incomplete when played back?

This headache is so common, it seems, that is has been given its very own term. "It's known in the business as the 'Half of Britney' problem," according to John Aalbers, director of next-generation solutions business at mediation and settlement company Intec Telecom Systems plc (London: ITL).

It seems it's up to each individual to ponder exactly which half of poptastic teen sensation Britney Spears might not make it on a regular basis, but we're sure it would never be the half that's brimming with song-writing talent.

And when you think of some of the other video clips people might get frustrated about receiving just half of, the term "Half of Britney" could have been so much worse. — Ray Le Maistre, European Editor, Unstrung
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