C5 News Roundup

MILAN, Italy -- C5 World Forum -- The regular roll call of equipment firms is here in Milan this week, some of them with new products, capabilities, and customers to talk about -- but all of them sipping espresso and snacking on Milanese pastries.

ADVA expands at DT
Optical and Ethernet equipment specialist ADVA Optical Networking has greatly expanded its business at Deutsche Telekom AG (NYSE: DT), where it has been a relatively small customer to date. (See ADVA Wins DT Deal.)

Although the company declines to say what the new engagement (which includes platforms all the way from the customer premises to the network core) is worth to ADVA, such deals usually run into the tens of millions of dollars over a number of years.

The vendor's chief marketing and strategy officer, Brian McCann, says the new Ethernet and WDM equipment deal will likely make the German incumbent a Top 10 customer in the coming year in terms of revenues.

McCann adds that the deal was brokered by partner Siemens Communications Group and was won in competition against "all the typical large optical vendors."

Alcatel-Lucent doubles up on VDSL2
Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU) has doubled the number of VDSL2 ports available on a single linecard for its multiservice access node (MSAN). The linecards now have 48 ports to meet the higher density demands made by carriers rolling out capacity-hungry services, says Jean-Pierre Lartigue, VP of marketing at the vendor's access networks division. (See AlcaLu Pumps Up ISAM and VDSL2.)

The same linecard can be deployed in the central office or remote versions of the ISAM (Intelligent Services Access Manager), which was first unveiled back in 2004. (See Vendors Claim DSLAM Breakthrough.) That doubling of capacity has been made possible by better integration and miniaturization techniques adopted by the vendor's component suppliers, though Lartigue declined to name any of those suppliers.

Demand for VDSL2 support in access equipment is growing as carriers like Deutsche Telekom roll out new broadband networks that take fiber closer to the customer, while still using the installed copper line base for the final high-speed connection. (See Alcatel, ECI Land DT Gig.) Alcatel-Lucent expects the number of global installed VDSL2 lines to increase from 20 million in 2006 to 70 million in 2009.

The vendor's latest release of its ISAM also includes enhanced diagnostics capabilities from the integration of its 5530 Network Analyser and 5580 Home Network Manager.

ECI unveils new MSAN policy
ECI Telecom Ltd. has also been enhancing its MSAN, the Hi-FOCuS-5, but in a different way. ECI has integrated several IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) elements in its fixed access platform, namely the Border Gateway Function (BGF) and Policy Enforcement Point (PEP), both of which are usually centralized in an IMS architecture. (See ECI Integrates IMS.)

Graham Finnie, Heavy Reading chief analyst, says the move will likely hold some appeal as there's a growing belief in the industry that policy control functionality should be housed as close to the subscriber as possible.

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