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11:00 AM -- Hey there, broadbandskateers!

It's time for another broadband blog, where we find out how you'll be able to download whatever nonsense you like to watch on your mobile device that little bit faster.

Cellular strikes back
There's life in that old network yet, or at least future revisions of it. Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM) unveiled its CDMA Rev B roadmap, saying that the latest cut of its venerable cellular technology has achieved average data rates of 9.3 Mbit/s on the downlink over 5 MHz of spectrum. The CDMA pioneer says it will start sampling chipsets this year. (See Qualcomm Unveils Roadmap.)

Meanwhile, Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) unveiled more CDMA Rev A sites. (See Sprint Launches Rev A.)

Talkin' WiMax
Despite this, WiMax is still the talk of the town at the CTIA Show. (See Moto Boasts WiMax Networks and CTIA: WiMax in the Air.)

What meshes in Vegas
Vegas revelers can now add WiFi access to the 24-hour entertainment on the Strip thanks to a mesh network from Cheetah Wireless Technologies Inc. and BelAir Networks Inc. (See Vegas Gets WiFi.)

Square eyes
One thing about mobile TV. People tell me it's the future an' all, but watching all those tiny screens all day really facilitates some serious eye strain.

Public safety goes 4G?
Frontline wants a 10GHz block in the 700MHz spectrum to build a nationwide broadband network to support public safety services during emergencies. (See Frontline Files Draft.)

Broadband by numbers
In Dresdner Kleinwort 's new market scenario for worldwide broadband connections, the "wireless broadband connections should dwarf that of wireline by at least a factor of three." Suppliers will be adding capacity for some 1.5 billion 3G/4G users and about 500 milllion triple-play wireline links by 2015.

— Bertie Big-Pipe, Broadband Vivant, Unstrung

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