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Both Sides Now

6:00 PM -- Brian Bogosian did a good job portraying himself as an aggrieved man in his conference call with the press today.

The president and CEO of Visto Corp. must have used the word "reluctantly" at least a dozen times to describe the patent-infringement suit filed by Visto's lawyers in federal district court against BlackBerry on Friday, a few times more than once in the same sentence. (See Jury Vindicates Visto .)

"The fact is that we've been reluctantly pulled into these actions," Bogosian said, referring to the patent lawsuits Visto has filed against Seven Networks Inc. , Good Technology Inc. , Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT), and now RIM. "Obviously to devote the amount of time and significant resources that these actions require is something we do reluctantly. But to ignore that these companies are taking our assets and blatantly misappropriating them is not an option."

At the same time, Bogosian repeated several times that the main focus of his company continues to be on innovation and serving its customers. Sorry, but you can't really have it both ways. Visto -- which won a jury verdict against Seven for patent infringement on Friday -- recently received a funding round of $70 million. How much of that do you think will be sucked up in going after RIM, which managed to fend off a similar suit from NTP for years before settling two months ago?

Bogosian also invoked Jefferson, Edison, and Bell as inspirations for defending the rights of innovators against large "misappropriaters" like RIM. Well, none of those guys had a business to run, or customers to keep happy. When it comes to patent litigation, you can't have your case and eat it too.

— Richard Martin, Senior Editor, Unstrung

jasonberg 12/5/2012 | 3:55:25 AM
re: Both Sides Now Richard,

How can you sit there and claim that because the Visto CEO repeats himself that, somehow, Visto has stopped focusing on their product development and diverted all attention to lawsuits?

You provide no evidence to back this up.
You interview David Heit of RIM (mere days earlier) and give him no grief whatsoever about RIM's ability to develop solutions while extending litigation with NTP (a lawsuit they lost) for years.

Is it safe to assume you carry a RIM device?

If you did your homework, you would see that Visto has recently signed Telus, the second largest carrier in Canada and, as far as innovation goes, was the first mobile email solution to provide both enterprise and personal email at the same time. It only took me 5 minutes at Visto's website to learn these facts.

You, like your ilk in the press, have gotten lazy and have decided it sells more ads to be a cheerleader than a true maven.

Study up on what you're talking about before you post. Ignore the CEO's word repetition at a press conference. Read the web sites.
You'll be doing Unstrung readers a real service that way.


Jason Berg
Sherpa Wireless Consulting
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