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Boardwatch Names Top Startups

The relaunch of Boardwatch as an online publication covering telecom services, software, and strategies went ahead yesterday; and now that we've given its whereabouts a chance to propogate over the Internet, we'd like to invite you to check out Light Reading's latest creation.

It's at www.boardwatch.com. If this doesn't take you to a snazzy new site with characteristic Light Reading content, be patient -- your domain name server may need a little more time to catch up.

Boardwatch has come out of the gate with a Top 10 list of startups in the field on which it is focusing -- software, notably in the operations support systems (OSS) and softswitch environments.

As with the equivalent Light Reading Top 10, the ranking is based on the likelihood of investors hitting the jackpot with an "exit" of one sort or another. At present, the jackpot looks more likely to be through an acquisition, as the term "IPO" has not been heard much in recent years, nor does it seem set for a major comeback.

To compile the inaugural Boardwatch's Top Ten Private Companies, editors looked for privately held firms with customers, partners, decent funding from reputable sources, and technology likely to be in demand by the carrier community.

Inventory and provisioning management firm Cramer Systems Ltd. did well on all of these counts and took first place in the Boardwatch Top 10. The clincher was its recent announcement of a contract with Bell Canada (NYSE/Toronto: BCE) (see Cramer Cracks Canadian Market).

Other names in the list include Openet Telecom Inc. (placed second) and Granite Systems Inc. (third).

Other launch features of Boardwatch include a report on P2P traffic issues (see Peer-to-Peer Pressure); a new poll about the FCC's recent decisions regarding competitive access (see FCC Folly?); and an interview with Elon Ganor, CEO and chairman of VocalTec Communications Ltd. (see Elon Ganor, CEO & Chairman, VocalTec).

— Ray Le Maistre, Editor, Boardwatch

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