Bluesocket Gets Greenbacks

Enterprise wireless LAN startup Bluesocket Inc. has added another $10 million to its VC coffers (see Bluesocket Grabs $10M).

The firm's series B round was backed by Bluesocket's existing investors. The firm has so far gathered $42 million in venture capital.

Bluesocket's product marketing director, Rohit Mehra, says that the majority of the money will be spent on more sales and marketing, but the firm also expects to do further development on applications "like intrusion detection."

The firm also plans to add more staff. "Headcount-wise, we expect to go over a 100 early this year," says Mehra.

Unstrung wondered if Cisco Systems Inc.'s (Nasdaq: CSCO) recently announced plans to buy WiFi switch startup Airespace Inc. changes the game at all for Bluesocket? (See Cisco Buys Airespace.)

"The Cisco acquisition of Airespace is a significant event that will likely spur further activity with incumbents and startups alike, who view wireless security and management as an emerging part of their total customer solutions," says Mehra.

He says that the firm, which has worked with Cisco on wireless LAN deployments, continues to believe in developing products that support a "heterogenous environment" and will examine supporting Airespace's lightweight access point protocol (LWAPP) if "that's where the industry is headed." (See Cisco's Airespace Program.)

But, overall, Mehra says that the acquisition shouldn't change Bluesocket's strategy much. "We're sticking to our knitting," he says.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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