Azure: Carriers Losing Billions

NICE, France -- According to Azure Solutions (booth #89), the revenue-assurance company, telecom operators worldwide are still losing billions of dollars from unintentional or malicious revenue leakage. It estimates that since last year's TeleManagement World operators have lost up to $115 billion.

Research commissioned by Azure from telecoms analysts, Analysys, revealed that revenue leakage is accounting for 10.7 per cent of turnover across operators globally. The major sources of revenue loss were identified as being fraud, poor processes and procedures, applying new products and prices and incomplete/incorrect CDRs (call detail records).

Danny Dicks, principal analyst at Analysys, said: "Revenue assurance is certainly rising up the corporate agenda for many telecom operators, but as the figures show there is a long way for them to go to achieve what they consider 'acceptable' levels of loss. To this end many operators are looking for external help reduce their losses."

John Cronin, president and CEO of Azure Solutions, said: "When putting an actual figure to the losses, it shows how big an issue revenue assurance should be for operators. The complexity of next-generation services is only likely to increase the potential for losses. Our experience with operators around the world has shown that many revenue assurance problems are solvable by putting the correct processes and systems in place."

Azure Solutions Inc.

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