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Azimuth Tests FMC

Azimuth Systems Inc. , which specializes in WiFi network test equipment, is turning its attention toward fixed/mobile convergence.

In the second half of this year, the company plans to introduce a system that measures the algorithms for handing off phone calls between fixed and mobile networks, including cellular/WiFi roaming, according to company officials.

The test products will focus both on carriers' equipment and on handsets, says Jeff Abromowitz, vice president of marketing at Azimuth. The company also will introduce a testing system to measure the battery life of dualmode phones.

"I think they are on the right track," says Steven Shaw, director of marketing at Kineto Wireless Inc. , in an email message to Light Reading.

Kineto specializes in both core equipment and handset components for the Unlicensed Mobile Access specification, which handles WiFi/cellular roaming. Kineto on Tuesday announced its fifth carrier customer, and several carriers are expected to roll out UMA services by the end of the year. (See Kineto Klaims High Five and UMA Services Near Reality.)

— Carmen Nobel, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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