Aventail Cleans Up Leftovers

Today's trend toward remote networking saves time, but comes with a major worry: With employees working from any number of locations -- from Internet cafes to kiosks at airports and tradeshows -- there is a very real danger that critical data will be left behind on laptops, home PCs, and PDAs. But SSL VPN products are emerging that should make life easier for harassed IT managers.

Part of the appeal of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) VPNs is that they enable remote access to networks via a Web browser. But because Web browsers cache data on public computers, end-users run the risk of leaving sensitive data such as passwords, cookies, and confidential documents stored on their machines after they've closed off Internet sessions.

Today, Aventail Corp. launched two new security products for SSL VPNs designed to combat this problem. The company’s Secure Desktop and Cache Control offerings integrate with Aventail’s EX-1500 SSL VPN appliance to ensure that nothing is left behind when users close their network connections.

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— James Rogers, Site Editor, Next-gen Data Center Forum

tjs 12/5/2012 | 2:09:12 AM
re: Aventail Cleans Up Leftovers
These jokers have been around forever c.1996.

This company has been limping along so long that if they were a horse they would have been dogfood and glue long ago.
mr zippy 12/5/2012 | 2:09:11 AM
re: Aventail Cleans Up Leftovers Can you clean up the OS that the browser is running on as well ? Maybe the SSL VPN "client" should also audit the PC it is running on, and download and apply all the outstanding service packs, bug fixes and virus updates ... yeah, that would work.
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