Atrica Unveils Metro System

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Atrica Inc, poised to be the leading provider of Optical Ethernet equipment for the $15 billion Metro networking market, today introduced the first system purpose-built to handle the requirements of service providers who are building the next generation of Metro networks.

Comprised of the A-2100 Optical Ethernet Edge Switch, A-5100 Optical Ethernet Aggregation Switch, A-8100 Optical Ethernet Core Switch and the Ethernet Service and Network Management System (ESNM), Atrica's Optical Ethernet System delivers 10Gbps Ethernet technology and ten times better price/performance than existing SONET-based equipment. Most significantly, Atrica's Optical Ethernet system delivers the key and - until now - missing capabilities that enable carriers to move from SONET to Optical Ethernet. These critical features include cast-iron service level guarantees, sub-second failure protection, integration with circuit switched networks and service management that meets and exceeds what carriers have been accustomed to in SONET networks.

"Achieving profitability is the key force that is driving both incumbent and emerging service providers towards new technologies today," said Scott Clavenna, president of PointEast Research. "Optical Ethernet is vastly more affordable to deploy than SONET-based equipment and delivers long-term cost savings in the areas of training, operations and maintenance."

Atrica Inc.
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