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Aruba: No Sale in the Offing

Aruba Wireless Networks has denied suggestions that the company is looking to be acquired.

The rumors stem from the appointment of Aruba's new CEO, Don LeBeau, earlier this month. Some industry scallywags and readers have been suggesting that the ex-Cisco executive has been taken onboard just to sell the firm.

Not so, says Aruba's opulently coiffed director of communications, David Callisch. "Seriously, we're not selling the company," he insists. "[LeBeau] is here because we feel that the product is ready to scale, so we need to build a big pipe into the market, and Don knows how to do that. "Look, if we wanted to sell the company we'd have hired Bob Barker from 'The Price is Right,' " quips Callisch. [Ed. note: Stop, Dave, stop! My sides are splitting!]

Instead of an acquisition, Callisch says, brightening market conditions mean Aruba is more likely to try for an initial public offering sometime in 2005. "We'll have to show three consecutive quarters of profit first," he notes.

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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