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Arbinet Expands on Carrier Services

NASHVILLE -- Arbinet-thexchange Inc. (Nasdaq: ARBX) is continuing its evolution from a traditional exchange to a full-service provider, adding new routing flexibility to its Arbinet Carrier Services. (See Arbinet Optimizes IP Solution.)

Customer-Based Routing from Arbinet will enable service providers or carriers using Arbinet to combine traffic types within a single trunk group, saving capex and opex, according to Andrew Baird, product manager.

The more traditional approach is to require a trunk group for each type of traffic, whether it is an aggressively priced best-effort offer or one with a higher degree of guaranteed quality of service, Baird said in an interview at the Comptel Spring Convention, held here this week.

"This approach offers a cost savings because you don't have to maintain multiple trunk groups per carrier," he said. "Our wholesale customers connect to between two and five different carriers, so they don't have to use multi-trunk groups per carrier."

Arbinet offers four different product groups within its Arbinet Carrier Services, including one that is aggressively priced and is the most recent, Premium Mobile, launched last week.

Mobile service providers represent a new area of growth for Arbinet, Baird said. The company will announce a Mobile Exchange later this year, designed specifically for mobile operators.

"We expect to expand our mobile services base. Our existing platform enables us to allow people to create their own deals and use us for one exchange for all their bilaterals. Launching Mobile Premium is a first step for us."

Brian Troesch, who joined Arbinet from Belgacom in 2009, is helping to lead the charge on the mobile side.

Having spent much of last year determining how to leverage its Arbinet exchange platform to offer carrier services, Arbinet is now going to apply some of the lessons learned to its private exchange business, Baird said. For example, Arbinet will soon enable its private exchange customers to use their own custom codes, and not just its existing code sets, when using the Arbinet exchange.

— Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading

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