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Aprisma Bids For Management Dominance

DURHAM, N.H.-- Aprisma Management Technologies (http://www.aprisma.com) is angling to become the world’s leading provider of management software for multivendor optical networks. But some question whether equipment vendors and service providers will bite off on its management framework approach.

Aprisma, one of four subsidiaries formed by the restructuring of Cabletron Systems Inc. (http://www.cabletron.com) is set to launch a program in the next four to six weeks that will give optical networking vendors a free ride on the bandwagon of its Spectrum management platform.

The company is planning a two-part campaign. First, it plans to donate development time to optical startups, enabling them to get their hands on management solutions that work with Spectrum—solutions they’d otherwise have to pay to develop themselves.

Second, it plans to help optical vendors sell their products. “We’re open to doing joint teams to help close business,” says Patrick Kelly, director of product management for Aprisma. That means lending sales support in customer meetings, as well as marketing optical networking products in the Spectrum booth at tradeshows and conferences.

And Aprisma says it’s prepared to lose money to make it. “We see this as an important market to get into,” says Kelly. “We are willing to fund the effort without revenue for a few quarters to get a foothold.”

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