Apple's 3G S Draws Decent Crowds

Apple drew respectable crowds but no round-the-block lines at the launch of its third iPhone model in New York City this morning.

Maybe Apple fans are feeling the recession bite, getting iPhatigue, or were put-off by recent, dank NYC weather, but the iPhone 3G S and upgraded 3.0 operating system didn't draw as big as its two predecessors.

Nonetheless, there was a roughly 90-minute wait for a glimpse of the new phones at the Soho Apple store this morning. Apple had closed the store for normal business and wasn't letting anyone in that wasn't on the line (or pre-paid list) to buy the new, faster phone.

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The Big A It was hard to judge exactly how many in the queue were waiting to upgrade from an older iPhone. Some, however, were definitely moving from other phones and carriers. Local radio station WYNC reported that there were around 200 people lined up at the other Apple store on 57th street this morning.

Apple's crowd was still larger than that drawn by the Palm Inc. Pre recently, but not by a huge amount. (See Palm Pre-Day: Crowded, But Not Frenzied.)

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– Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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