Amdocs Adds Telco 2.0 Smarts to Its CES

Amdocs Ltd. (NYSE: DOX) today unveiled a new version of its customer experience system, CES 8.0, which, the company claims, will enable service providers to adopt multiple approaches to offering a wider range of new services, including wholesale and partnership models, while running their operations more leanly. (See Amdocs Targets Growth in India.)

The updated version of the vendor's CES product line has been designed to allow service providers to better employ their network, IT, and data assets when pursuing new partnerships with content providers and application developers.

Those capabilities have been added following the acquisition of jNetX Inc. , which had developed a Java-based service delivery platform that enables legacy and IP network elements to be pulled together, using a standardized development environment, to support new applications. (See Amdocs Rallies, Fills SDP Hole and Amdocs Buys jNetX.)

The move is timely: Telecom operators are facing new competition from the likes of Amazon.com Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) and Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), and they need to find ways to expose their assets to applications developers and establish secure and mutually beneficial relationships with content and services partners. (See Amazon's Lessons for Telcos, IBM Targets Telcos' Apps Dev Needs, OSS 2.0: Carriers Need to Walk the Walk, and Get On With It!)

They also need to adapt to cope with the capacity and operational challenges that the so-called "Internet of Things" will bring.

"According to industry predictions, there will be trillions of connected devices, which means exponential growth in the number of customer sessions to be handled," says Rebecca Prudhomme, director of market insight and strategy at Amdocs. "Telecom service providers will be forced to look beyond their traditional business models."

Specifically, the Amdocs CES is designed to support three business models:

  • The experience model, through which the service provider will try to own the end-to-end customer experience and establish its own brand equity

  • The vertical model, which involves the creation and delivery of services specifically designed for an industry vertical
  • The partner enabler model, where the service provider becomes a smart wholesale pipe and distributor for multiple partners

Amdocs believes operators will need to adopt multiple models to be successful: "They will need to use different business models at different times," Prudhomme says.

Research conducted by Amdocs, released a week ago, indicates that service providers are ready to adopt these multiple business models. (See Carriers Ready for New Partners, Biz Models .)

"I think that this is actually a critical step for the operators to get to," says Maribel Lopez, industry analyst at Lopez Research LLC . "In order to be successful they are going to need to run several different business models simultaneously. They need technology providers that can help them run these, because they are not going to want to go to 15 different places and cobble it together themselves."

Lopez says service providers need to bring new services to market more quickly, even with reduced staffing and resources.

"They will be competing with app stores, and they need to be able to get a service up and running [quickly], but have them be temporary as well," says Lopez. "This is a good time to come out with this story, because service providers need to do this and they need to do it now."

Amdocs is hoping to appeal to the operator community with its Universal Storefront, which enables service providers to offer a single customer interface that masks the complexity of multiple systems and multiple partner relationships that underpin the delivery of new services, according to Prudhomme.

Amdocs CES 8 also features a pre-packaged solution to manage mobile network planning and design, with particular emphasis on the management of backhaul capacity, as well as a new approach to product lifecycle maintenance that combines Amdocs Enterprise Product Catalog with a workflow engine to speed up the development, deployment, and retirement of new products.

In addition, Amdocs offers Smart Device Support, a pre-integrated approach built on Amdocs existing customer relationship management (CRM) products that uses mobile device management from Amdocs partner Mformation Technologies Inc. to enable customer care agents to resolve device problems more quickly.

— Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading

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