Alcatel Announces a Lot of Products

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Alcatel Optronics, a world leader in optoelectronic components for optical telecommunications networks, is currently attending the Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) Conference taking place this week in Anaheim, Calif. The group announced key technologies to construct future generation optical networks. These innovations will permit system manufacturers to achieve significant gains in terms of integration, flexibility and cost reduction.

Below are the innovations announced today by Alcatel Optronics:

-200 mW output power submarine pumps, which qualified for a product life cycle of more than 25 years. Designed for high bit-rate, DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) transmission, these pumps allow the amplification of an increased number of wavelengths and confirm Alcatel Optronics' worldwide leadership in this market segment;
-ultra compact external 40 Gbit/s modulator based on Indium Phosphide and a low operating voltage representing a significant breakthrough in both the integration and the cost reduction for high bit rate optical systems;
-a complete product line dedicated to Raman amplification ranging from pump modules at 300 mW, multi-pump modules at 800 mW and optical amplifier subsystems. This product line, which confirms Alcatel's global leadership in Raman amplification, will reduce the metropolitan transmission system cost as well as long haul and ultra long haul;
-a new 10 Gbit/s WDM optical interface dedicated to metropolitan applications characterized by its compact size and which conforms to international interoperability standards between manufacturers (MSA); and a new optical add/drop multiplexer based on Fiber Bragg Grating technology which permits a simpler and more integrated configuration and at a lower cost.

whatever 12/4/2012 | 8:42:10 PM
re: Alcatel Announces a Lot of Products "Alcatel is the only vendor to master all optical network elements, from optical components, optical fibers, DWDM systems and microwave radio links to core routers and network intelligence, and from terrestrial to submarine solutions. Alcatel is also the only company to provide both terrestrial and marine services for the installation and maintenance of global, seamless optical networks."

Why do companies INSIST on stretching the truth in their marketing schemes. Not only is this STRETCHING, but Alcatel had NOT MASTERED much of anything. People skills are horrible and TYCO provides both terrestrial and marine services as well........They aren't the world leader in DWDM or Raman Amplification either......JEEZ

Can we get an honest company?
prolyxceo 12/4/2012 | 8:40:51 PM
re: Alcatel Announces a Lot of Products Hi Whatever,

I am not sure what is happening with Alcatel or Tyco, however, recently Tyco laid of many of their workers here in the Silicon Valley. Do you know what may be happening?

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