Agere Intros Polarization Controller

BREINIGSVILLE, Pa. -- Agere Systems, formerly known as the Microelectronics Group of Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU), today announced a small-form-factor polarization controller that can be used by system manufacturers to help reduce distortion caused by polarization changes in high-speed optical networking systems. Developed using lithium niobate technology, Agere's polarization controller is intended for use in a polarization mode dispersion (PMD) compensator, which maintains a specific polarization of light as a signal travels across single-mode fiber in high-speed, 10- and 40-gigabit-per-second (Gbit/s) optical networks. The controller is targeted for use in high-speed long-haul applications and can change polarization modes in real time during optical transmission.

"Maintaining the correct polarization is critical in 10- and 40-gigabit-per-second systems, since high-speed data transmissions are very sensitive to light's polarization," explained Doug Herr, technical manager for Agere Systems. "Agere's polarization controller is an electro-optic solution for changing the polarization mode, offering a faster response time and smaller size than other mechanical-based polarization controllers."

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