3G: Who, What, Where?

Network vendors of the world unite: It’s survey time again!

High-speed 3G networks may finally be kicking into gear after a shaky start, but the catalogue of high-profile delays and setbacks has created a shakeout in the next-generation wireless equipment sector.

The 3G wireless infrastructure market is a very different spectre from the one that haunted the industry a few years back, with niche newcomers going up against the wall whilst the larger players have been forced into massive restructuring just to stay alive (see Nokia Sweeps Up Tahoe, Whither Littlefeet? and More Finns Finished).

This rollercoaster ride means that it is time for a rollcall on what companies are still beating in the 3G equipment space. We’ve compiled a list of categories in two network areas -- the radio infrastructure and the packet core -- and now want your input.

Are there additional categories needed? Have we missed a startup fresh out of the VC incubator?

Have your say by clicking here: Who Makes What: Next-Gen Wireless Infrastructure

You have nothing to lose but your tired bourgeois morality!

— Justin Springham, Senior Editor, Europe, Unstrung

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