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3G iPhone Connection Complaints Arise

Apple's iPhone 3G is a marvel of design and ease of use, but not everyone is thrilled with the smartphone's 3G capabilities.

Blogosphere complaints about bad connections for the popular iPhone 3G crystallized on Tuesday in a report from securities analyst Richard Windsor, of Nomura Securities, who writes that "Complaints regarding the reception of the 3G signal are beginning to surface and some users are having trouble getting a 3G connection and hanging onto it.

The problems, which have cropped up on iPhone blogs as well as forums on Apple's Web site, include "high incidence of dropped calls, switching onto [the slower AT&T (NYSE: T)] EDGE [network] while the device is stationary and loss of reception while in good coverage," Windsor adds.

Poor connections have been reported in countries outside the United States, indicating that the problem likes in the device or the software, not with AT&T's 3G network.

To read the full story on InformationWeek, click here.

— Richard Martin, InformationWeek

thaadi 12/5/2012 | 3:34:38 PM
re: 3G iPhone Connection Complaints Arise Got the latest and greated 3g iphone but mostly on edge network, the signal reception is bad after moving to this 3g connection, had smart phone with ATT before, the phone reception was better..

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