2007 Top Ten: Most Popular Stories

Having put our number-crunchers to work and compiled our list of The Most Popular Light Reading Stories of 2007, we reached some pretty simple conclusions: You love reading about

This list shows which News Analysis stories garnered the most hits during the past year. In other words, it was safe from our reckless subjective whims and all down to cold, hard page view statistics. (Multi-page reports, photo essays, and our other popular Top Ten lists were not included.)

So without further ado or any sort of drum roll, the most popular stories from 2007 were:

10. Analysts Lay Into AlcaLu
(September 14, 2007)

We pulled together some quotes from a few financial analysts who were all spitting bile at AlcaLu's misfortunes, and it turned into the tenth most read story of the year.

9. Alcatel-Lucent Gets Tropical
(April 3, 2007)

Tropic Networks, a Canadian WDM vendor struggling to stay profitable, was acquired by AlcaLu, an international equipment vendor struggling to stay profitable.

8. Motorola to Shock With TAZR
(April 1, 2007)

We fabricated a story for April Fool's day -- something we are contractually obliged to do -- and it became one of the most popular articles of the year.

We're tempted to say, "You can't make this stuff up!", but...

7. AT&T Confirms Second VRAD Fire
(August 24, 2007)

DBLAM! is a fun word to say and thanks to AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), we got to use it an awful lot this year.

6. IPO Alert: Infinera Files Its S-1
(February 26, 2007)

Infinera made a lot of noise with the news of its IPO this year, which was followed by one quiet period after another. But you swarm all over stories about this company -- is that a love or hate thing? -- and liked its CEO Jagdeep Singh enough to name him our Person of the Year at the Leading Lights awards.

5. Tony Li Rejoins Cisco (Again)
(February 16, 2007)

Readers were happy to see that Tony Li was back home with Cisco, just like Yankee fans were happy to see Roger Clemens back in pinstripes. Let's hope for Tony's sake we don't learn that Mike Volpi was injecting him in the butt with human growth hormone. (That's a baseball reference for all you readers in the colonies.)

4. Volpi Out at Cisco
(February 8, 2007)

In one of the big surprises of the year, Mike Volpi walked away from Cisco following the decision by John "I'm Staying Put" Chambers to remain CEO for another three to five years. It won't surprise us if Volpi figures in the most popular stories of 2008 -- especially if he was to do something crazy, like join Juniper Networks Inc. (NYSE: JNPR)!!

3. Nortel, AlcaLu in Asset Swap?
(January 19, 2007)

Word on the street (well, a windy Canadian car park, actually) was that Nortel Networks Ltd. was trying to trade its lunchtime tater tots for Alcatel-Lucent's chocolate milk. Or some such.

2. Verizon Eyes Smaller ONTs
(April 26, 2007)

While trying to sneak out of the Manhattan Ritz Carlton during a Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) MDU conference, we stumbled upon some prototype ONTs that were a lot smaller than the beasts Verizon is currently deploying with FiOS.

1. AlcaLu Makes Product Cuts
(February 9, 2007)

Alcatel-Lucent may not be No. 1 on the Paris Stock Exchange, but it's No. 1 in the hearts of Light Reading readers, especially when things aren't going to plan for Russo and her crew.

There you have it -- our most-read news articles of 2007.

So, Happy New Year from the monkeys at Light Reading, and keep reading -- there's bound to be plenty more where those stories came from in 2008. Send your news tips and story ideas to [email protected].

— The Staff, Light Reading

Stevery 12/5/2012 | 3:50:19 PM
re: 2007 Top Ten: Most Popular Stories
... we reached some pretty simple conclusions: You love reading about

* Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU - message board)

And I look at car wrecks when I pass them too.
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