2005 Top Ten: Most Popular Stories

Behold reader, for you have the final vote. We tallied up the hits to see which Light Reading News/Analysis stories hit paydirt, generating the most traffic in 2005.

We cheated a little. Our traffic tallies were made as of 1 PM on December 28th. Barring Google buying Microsoft, or vice versa, we doubt there will be any huge news over the next two days to change theses rankings for 2005. Much like our homemade holiday punch, this is a calculated risk.

Anyway, here are the Light Reading stories that earned the most attention from readers in 2005:

10. Could Huawei Buy Marconi?
(April 29, 2005) 15,691 hits
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. said it was working through some issues -- apparently in a bid to make a bid for Marconi Corp. plc . This story was the first of a series of talks that led to Marconi's acquisition.

9. BT Has 21CN Shortlists
(January 6, 2005) 16,416 hits

Leading equipment providers -- and hedge fund managers -- spent a fair amount of time salivating over BT Group plc (NYSE: BT; London: BTA) equipment booty. Once again, Light Reading was first to press with the details.

8. Headcount: Great Googly Moogly!
(January 6, 2005) 17,630 hits

What's this, two stories on January 6? It's true. You heard it here first, folks. Light Reading was the first news organization to report on Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) building a global fiber network. And apparently readers will click on anything with the word Google in it. Google this.

Verizon's Optical RFP: The $1B Question
(June 17, 2005) 18,310 hits

Word on the street was that Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) was brewing a billion-dollar WDM RFP. Or was it actually only a few hundred million? Who'd get the prizes? LR sized it all up.

6. Leading Lights in Pictures
(December 16, 2005 23,704 hits
Photos. Everybody likes photos. What do you think this is, US Weekly?

Google's Own Private Internet
(September 20, 2005) 23,824 hits

Following up on the heel's of Headcount's January story, Light Reading printed the first detailed report on Google's network plans... Including the how, what, where, and why the search giant would be spending hundreds of millions on a core global network to serve up content.

4. Nortel COO Resigns
(June 10, 2005) 24,705 hits

Nortel Networks Ltd. went through executives the way the NY Jets go through quarterbacks. This story detailed the mysterious arrival, short tenure, and departure of ex-Cisco big Gary Daichendt, who for a matter of weeks was Nortel's COO.

3. Will Sycamore Call It a Day?
(February 11, 2005) 25,289

Wait a second, what's up with this one? A story on Sycamore Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: SCMR) in the number three spot? That's almost more hits than Sycamore has in revenue.

2. BT Unveils 21CN Suppliers
(April 28, 2005) 37,541

Finally... The winners of the BT sweepstakes. After we helped build up all that hype, what did you think, we wouldn't report who actually won?

1. Juniper Sues LR Message Boarders
(December 21, 2005) 46,891 hits

Another day, another lawsuit. Juniper sues some anonymous monkeys -- 'nuff said. This story set a Light Reading record, taking the top spot after less than a week on the board! No story in our history has ever received 40,000 hits in one week. And who said lawyers weren't productive?

There you have it -- the most-read LR stories of 2005. So Happy New Year from the monkeys at Light Reading. And keep reading -- there will be plenty more suprises in 2006. Send your news tips and story ideas to [email protected].

— The Staff, Light Reading

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