2004 Top Ten: Security Stories

Security became far more important to service providers and their customers in 2004, partly because of the shift towards offering all services over converged Internet-type infrastructure, and partly because Internet threats themselves are becoming a bigger nuisance to more people.

All the signs are that security will become an even bigger issue in the future, and as a result, 2004 has been characterized by companies positioning themselves to take advantage of opportunities in terms of providing new types of services, or in terms of selling the technology supporting those services.

Light Reading's sister website, the Next-Gen Data Center Forum, today published its take on the 10 most significant developments in the security market.

These include notable acquisitions, emerging technologies, companies that have gone through big upheavals, new opportunities, the latest buzzwords, and strange goings-on at Los Alamos.

Here's a link to the article: Top Ten Security Stories of 2004.

— The Staff, Light Reading

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