2003 Top Ten: Photos

For the love of Ben Affleck, is there a faster way to wreck your tradeshow's reputation than to have a crappy press room? The folks at NFOEC, convinced that a broom closet was too good, decided that this vast open expanse with "little people" chairs and wobbly tables would send the proper message to the media who dared to cover their little dog-and-pony show (see NFOEC Scrapbook). Convinced that the show was nothing to write home about, the management made sure the phones (both of them) didn't work and that there would be no broadband access within 100 miles.

Not that we're bitter.

At the inaugural Light Reading vs. Cisco Systems soccer match this year (Cisco 5, Light Reading 4), Scott Raynovich and Scyld Bowring of the Light Reading Cosmos manhandle a Cisco midfielder while Cisco's Mike Volpi stays back at a safe distance. (Volpi heard that the Light Reading had grown lax with its "players must shower within 48 hours before each game" policy.)

Speaking of the Light Reading Cosmos, it's amazing what they'll do to facilitate a match. Just hours before they faced net.com, they took over this building, painted the floor green, parked the plane outside, and created this:
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