2002 Top Ten: News Stories

It's been a pretty interesting seven months in the wireless sector since this site was relaunched back in June (see Supercomm Gets Unstrung). The vendors and operators have all been suffering from the telecom malaise, and the struggle to get UMTS out of the starting blocks has weighed heavily in Europe. In Asia, Korea has been setting the pace for the CDMA world, as well as trying out a few new technologies (more of that later), while WCDMA pioneer NTT DoCoMo Inc. (NYSE: DCM) has struggled to get its early single mode 3G service, FOMA off the ground (see DoCoMo Claims 3D First). Other developments have seen: the uptake of WLAN in Europe (see mmO2 Gears Up For WLAN, Swisscom Launches WLAN, Danes Catch Europe's WLAN Bug, Cisco Wins Swiss WLAN Deal); the failure of Hutchison 3G UK Ltd. to make it to commercial launch in 2002 (will operators ever learn not to boast in public about specific dates for service launch?); and the growth of picture messaging in terms of services and compliant handsets (too many instances to mention – just type MMS into our search tool to get a feel for the amount of activity there is), though we're only just seeing carrier interoperability (see Europe Gets the Picture). In North America, the lack of Bluetooth (see Bluetooth Stateside?), the race to provide push-to-talk services (see Walking, Not Running, to PTT), and the desire for data service uptake in general (see Sprint's Data Happy Meal for example) have been major talking points. Again, WLAN was big, but we're coming to that in the top ten stories. But here are the stories we feel stood out in the past seven months for one or many reasons, and which include many of the hot topics and subjects that have excited our grey matter, such as alternative wireless data infrastructure, data service delivery nodes (or wireless routers), Microsoft Corp.'s (Nasdaq: MSFT) growing interest in, and influence over, wireless matters, public WiFi hotspots, and, of course, the root of all these issues –- money. In no specific order, the stories are: Microsoft Makes 802.11b Move
Orange Uncovers Its SPV
Sendo Sues Microsoft
Rainbow Unveiled
Lucent Stops the 'Tide
Juniper's Bizarre Love Triangle
3G Redefined, Finnish Style
IPWireless Fattens Its Wallet
Flarion Cookin' Up Seoul Food
ArrayComm: Oz First, US Next?
So, ten news stories that stood out in one way or another, and all quite serious in nature, too. But what about the daft and silly stories that sometimes appear in the electronic pages of Unstrung? Don’t they get a mention, you ask? Yes, indeed. In fact they even have their own 2002 Top Ten: Static Bursts. Offer limited, while supplies last, so check it out today!

We also have ten very particular awards to make to 2002’s outstanding individuals in the wireless industry – awards such as “Best Name,” “Best Dresser,” and “Worst Career Move.” So watch this space! In the meantime, to find out why these stories have been chosen from the pack, read on… — Ray Le Maistre, European Editor, Unstrung
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