10 Reasons to Keep Your Old iPhone

You might already be airing out your sleeping bag for a late-night wait outside your local Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) store on July 10th, but there are plenty of reasons not to rush out and buy a 3G iPhone just yet.

1. AT&T wants more money for data
You've already paid up to $600 upfront for the original EDGE iPhone. The new $200 and $300 iPhones are subsidized by AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) over a two-year contract, but the operator will make some of its money back via increased data pricing. AT&T has increased its unlimited 3G data plan pricing to $30 a month from $20 for the original plan, which means $240 more for data over the entire 3G contract.

2. The 3G iPhone might tax the network
AT&T will have spent $20 billion on 3G upgrades to its network by the end of 2008, according to a spokesman for the carrier. “We feel really good about where we are and that we can meet the needs of our iPhone customers,” the spokesman tells Unstrung. (See AT&T's 3G Overhaul.)

Nonetheless, bloggers and analysts still wonder if the heavy data users that tend to buy the iPhone will put a strain on AT&T’s high-speed packet access (HSPA) 3G upgrade. There is, however, one way to ensure smooth running for early adopters: Keep your old iPhone and let EDGE take the strain.

3. An unlocked EDGE phone still offers more choice for U.S. users
Once a user is on AT&T’s HSPA 3G network with the iPhone they are stuck there. There isn’t going to be the huge cottage industry of “unlocking” the iPhone this time around -- at least not in the U.S. – because T-Mobile US Inc. , the only other GSM-based 3G operator, only has the technology operational in New York City so far. (See Don't Try This on the 3G iPhone.) 4. Thanks for No Memories
Despite the fact that Apple iPhone users are huge data nerds, Apple still doesn't offer an additional memory card slot. Apparently you'll have to live with that 8GB or 16GB limit and like it.

5. Think of the petroleum reserves
It has been a little over a year -- at most -- since many users bought their first iPhone. Just how ecological is it to ditch your old model 12 months later for something that bit faster? (See Greenpeace's Beef With Apple.) 6. Do you want to be seen as a techno-hipster?
You know that there are going to be queues out the wazoo on the July 11th launch date of iPhone II. What’s cooler, being the first kid on your block with one? Or, avoiding the crush and the lines, by picking the new Apple up later. Unstrung is pretty sure of what the Fonz would do. [Ed. note: Hit a jukebox?] 7. Does Steve Jobs really need any more money?
He’s only going to spend it on the same old thing anyway. Just how many black turtlenecks can one man own?

8. Because patience is a virtue
Come on, that YouTube funny cat video will be all the sweeter if you actually have to wait for the download to see kitty fall off the edge of the table.

9. The original will be the collector’s item
In 10 or 15 years time, when all these devices look as quaint as a Motorola StarTac does today, people won’t be shelling out the big bucks on eBay for the second version of the iPhone. They’ll want the original and the best.

Either that, or we’ll be living a Mad Max-esque petroleum-free world where even tiny devices are melted down for the miniscule quantities of heat and fuel they can provide. It is entirely possible that -- in this post-apocalyptic scenario -- the original iPhone might be worshipped as a symbol of the dizzying technological heights that the human race once climbed to, only to pridefully stumble and crash into the arid dirt. In such sour times, having an original iPhone might be akin to holding the key to fire.

10. The older phones give the cheekbones an edge
Honestly, Unstrung isn’t saying that the new more-rounded 3G model makes your face look fat or anything. Not at all. You’ll still be pretty to us whatever phone you choose to yack into. It’s just that the older, squarer model brings out the symmetry in your face better... yeah, that’s it, the symmetry of your face...

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

IPobserver 12/5/2012 | 3:38:40 PM
re: 10 Reasons to Keep Your Old iPhone sitting on an old model iPhone, Dan?

CanGÇÖt really argue the points on ecology and techno-hipsters.

But a device like that really needs 3GGǪ at least now itGÇÖll work out of the house.
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