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10-Gigabit Ethernet

Now that second-generation 10-Gigabit Ethernet products are starting to arrive, the time has come to think about serious deployment of the technology.

In simple terms, it means that kinks in first-generation products will have been ironed out. It also means that vendors are now focused on ramping up production by driving down costs, just as they have been with each previous tenfold increase in Ethernet speeds.

Now service providers need to get up to speed themselves – with what 10-Gig Ethernet technology actually is, what products currently exist, and what applications it addresses.

That’s what this report is all about. Here’s a hyperlinked summary:
  • Applications

    Where 10-Gig Ethernet is likely to be deployed first

  • Market Overview

    The 10-Gig Ethernet switch market could grow at more than 40% a year

  • Technology

    Details of standards, differences between Gig and 10-Gig Ethernet

  • Components

    Devices defined, 10-Gig Ethernet transponder MSAs compared

  • Selected Systems

    Examples of leading 10-Gig products, together with key parameters

A preview of this report was given in a recent Light Reading Webinar.

Previous Light Reading reports related to this subject may be of interest as well: Metro Ethernet and 10-Gig Ethernet Transponders. — Simon Stanley is founder and principal consultant of Earlswood Marketing Ltd. He is also the author of several other Light Reading reports on communications chips, including Security Processors, Packet Switch Chips, Traffic Manager Chips, 10-Gig Ethernet Transponders, Network Processors, and Next-Gen Sonet Silicon.

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