Ethernet & The Street

2:17 PM -- While Light Reading's Ethernet Expo is bigger than ever this year, one analyst we spoke with thinks that, considering the event is held in Midtown New York, the financial industry is severely under-represented.

The analyst, who asked not to be named, thinks Wall Street is missing the boat on what is the most important story in telecom for the next several years.

"Wall Street isn't paying enough attention to Ethernet, which is a shame," he says.

"In ten, twenty years, Ethernet is going to be the underlying technology for all networks," he says, a trend that he thinks has gone largely unnoticed by The Street.

But he thinks it's only a matter of time before those covering telecom equipment stocks catch on and begin to swarm events like the Ethernet Expo. In two years, he predicts, the crowds will become increasingly made up of by those who work for the financial houses within blocks of the Hilton.

But by then, will they be late to the party?

— Ryan Lawler, Reporter, Light Reading

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