Equipment Vendors Show Off at CableLabs Confab

With the Western Show now history, more and more tech vendors are seizing the opportunity to demonstrate their wares at CableLabs' annual summer conference. Scores of equipment and software firms are using this week's closed-door confab in Keystone, CO to unveil new products to CableLabs' MSO members. The lineup ranges from Broadbus Technologies to BigBand Networks to Sandvine Inc. to Broadcom Corp. For instance, Broadbus is introducing its new video-on-demand (VOD) software. Known as "Content Commander 2.0," it's designed to help cable operators store local news programs for later on-demand showing. To cite another example, BigBand Networks is demonstrating its modular cable modem termination system (CMTS) functionality. The company is trying to show how its Cuda CMTS and Broadband Multimedia-Service Edge (BME) platforms can jointly deliver broadband services to DOCSIS cable modems.
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