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EQO Upgrades App

VANCOUVER -- EQO Communications, a leading developer of platforms for mobilizing online social networks, VoIP and instant messaging services, today announced the immediate availability a new version of EQO Mobile, extending the most popular instant messenger services - including AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, GoogleTalk, Jabber, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Instant Messenger and Skype - to mobile phones. With EQO, users can access all of their IM services from their phone and exchange free text and picture messages with other EQO users. Supported on more than 300 mobile handset models, the latest version of EQO Mobile is an easily installed Java mobile application that downloads over the wireless data network.

Designed for "power-users" on online communities, especially teens and young adults who belong to multiple IM and social networks, EQO Mobile serves as a next generation mobile phone book that enables users to:

  • Synchronize contacts from multiple IM buddy lists and multiple IM accounts
  • Check who's online and available with real time presence
  • Make and receive mobile VoIP calls using Skype
  • Create and maintain a personalized mobile profile, expressing their mood and location by uploading pictures and text directly from their phone
  • Exchange web-to-phone, phone-to-web and phone-to-phone text and picture messages with a simple click-to-call or click-to-IM feature

"The notions of presence, identity and community -- so crucial in the online world -- have been glaringly absent from mobile phones, the most personal of all personal technology devices," said Bill Tam, CEO of EQO Communications. "We're extending the most popular IM communities and social networks to the mobile phone to give people those capabilities anywhere they go."

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