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SlideshowMicrosoft Fends Off 1.5M Cloud Attacks a Day

Scott_Ferguson 6/14/2017 | 12:57:05 PM
Re: That's All? @PhilBritt: Well, I think if you just consider this is against Azure and not the other parts of the Microsoft ecosystem, I think it does make sense. Again, these are the ones that Microsoft picks up, so there could be more that go undetected. That said, I think if you look at all the services Microsoft offers, espeically Windows, you'd see a much higher number. 
Phil_Britt 6/13/2017 | 3:38:11 PM
That's All? The amount of attacks Microsoft fights sounds low. The hackers tend to be more proficient every day, with even people and firms that know better falling for phishing and for spearfishing schemes, let alone other types of malware attacks.
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