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Is Oracle Right? Is Security in the Cloud a Solved Problem?

I'm hearing about a turnaround in CIOs' attitude toward cloud security. When the cloud was new, CIOs feared moving data off premises. They worried about security.

Now, I'm hearing, CIOs have the opposite view.

They see the move to the cloud as a move to greater security. CIOs believe cloud providers have greater resources and experience and are altogether better able to protect data than any individual enterprise can.

That attitude is reflected at the Oracle Industry Connect conference in Orlando, Fla., this week. As my colleague Curtis Franklin reports, security is seen as a "solved problem" (Curt's words). Security isn't keeping enterprises from moving to the cloud; it's driving enterprises to the cloud, said CEO Mark Hurd. (See Security Takes the Stage at Oracle Industry Connect.)

"I do think the security levels in our cloud are so much higher than you could ever achieve in your own environment on-premise," Hurd said. He cites expertise, technology and infrastructure size as reasons.

Photo: Max Pixel
Photo: Max Pixel

Another reason: Oracle's cloud is a single configuration, not the mishmosh of different technologies you see in many enterprises, Hurd says.

Of course, it's natural for a CEO to cast his company's products in the most favorable light. And it's possible I'm not talking to a broad cross-section of enterprises. What do you think? Is the cloud more secure than on-premises enterprise infrastructure?

If security isn't an obstacle moving to the cloud, what is? Curt talks about that too, in an article here on Enterprise Cloud News. Obstacles include the need to improve customer experience, complications of monetizing new services, and responding the customer preferences, particularly the customer preference for more control over their computing environments. (See Oracle CEO Mark Hurd: Eventually, We'll Get Them All.)

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ak22 4/4/2017 | 2:45:21 PM
Re: Dark Web Of course, hence why Guardian Project is striving to change the way people perceive the dark web, so businesses don't suffer from its negative perception. It's quite a task they're undertaking though!
Mitch Wagner 4/3/2017 | 6:13:55 PM
Re: Dark Web Image/PR means a lot in the world of business.

You know that expression, "Nobody ever got fired for buying Microsoft?" This wasn't because Microsoft was better. It was a matter of perception. 
ak22 3/30/2017 | 3:28:34 AM
Re: Dark Web @Mitch Intuitively you'd think not, but the guys at Guardian Project are adamant that using the dark web is no less safe than using the regular web when you're purely looking at the facts. They seem to see it as mainly an image/PR problem, more than anything else.
[email protected] 3/29/2017 | 11:58:47 AM
Re: Maybe, but not always... Eventually it will get safer. However, it is still new technology, and security needs to catch up to the technology evolution. Awareness is key when embarking on the projects in a shared environment.
Mitch Wagner 3/28/2017 | 4:23:10 PM
Re: Dark Web Is leveraging the dark web practical for enterprises, though?
ak22 3/28/2017 | 2:49:17 PM
Dark Web A novel and surprisingly effective method of countering cybersecurity threats like these is to levarage the dark web when connecting to the internet. Guardian Project have done some interesting work in this area. 
ak22 3/28/2017 | 2:44:45 PM
Re: Maybe, but not always... Precisely - the claim that it's anything close to a "solved problem" feels a little good to be true! You'd expect the rise of IoT and mass connectivity to prompt further "cyber" issues in this area too.
[email protected] 3/28/2017 | 1:51:56 PM
Re: Maybe, but not always... It has caused issues for mega companies including Amazon and others in shared environments we still see problems with denial of service or outages in these environments. While the concept is great security in the execution is still an issue.
kq4ym 3/28/2017 | 9:30:53 AM
Re: like an automatic transmission Yes, that does seem to be a good way of looking at it although as noted there's still the obstables to be overcome in the "need to improve customer experience" and the "complications of monetizing new services," still loom ahead as we put it into automatic drive.
Mitch Wagner 3/26/2017 | 11:52:52 PM
Re: Maybe, but not always... maryam - Yes, shared resources are a real issue. 

My personal blog got taken down years ago because I happened to be sharing a server with a Russian politician who had ticked off some cyberinsurgants. I'm not exactly sure what happened – point is, my tiny little personal blog became collateral damage in an internal conflict in Russia. 
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