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SlideshowIntel Chip Vulnerability Sends Cloud Providers Into Patching Overdrive

mhhfive 1/10/2018 | 2:59:30 AM
AWS isn't worried? > "Amazon noted that a small percentage of its EC2 fleet was being patched to address the issue late Wednesday."

Does that imply that AWS isn't as vulnerable as other cloud providers? Hmm. How does that work? 
mhhfive 1/10/2018 | 2:56:01 AM
TIL - Samsung Electronics overtook Intel in semiconductor manufacturing I had to stop reading to find out who had displaced Intel as the top semiconductor maker -- to learn that memory chips made by Samsung pushed it ahead of Intel on a production numbers basis. Wow. 

But if we don't count memory, and just go by CPUs... it's still Intel #1, right? (Maybe not for long, now?)
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