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SlideshowGoogle & Partners Secure 'Software Supply Chain'

kq4ym 10/21/2017 | 3:30:11 PM
Re: Executives And as a Github project it should find plenty of folks interested in joining with others to promote and make futher progress, while moving the capabilities of better security available to all along the way.
Susan Fourtané 10/16/2017 | 9:30:31 PM
Grafeas Grafeas has really good features. One that caught my attention was about scanning and coming across vulnerabilities. A security scanning provider would create notes in the customer’s project showing vulnerabilities.
danielcawrey 10/12/2017 | 1:14:34 PM
Executives Interesting read. 

I can see how this would be valuable for deciscion-making excutives. I've never put a lot of thought into this idea of software supply chains, but it certainly makes sense. 
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