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[email protected] 3/24/2017 | 1:49:40 PM
Re: Everywhere Making security improvements for remote employees are critical because it ensures that remote employees do not inadvertently compromise their employer's infrastructure. For those whose careers are conducive to remote positions it will help employers assure that they can provide every employee the same access to challenging and mission critical opportunities. These jobs should not be limited to only in-house employees or companies will limit the talent they have access to for each position. We have so many tools that enable collaboration with the ease that onsite collaboration is not a necessity.
kq4ym 3/24/2017 | 11:11:13 AM
Re: Everywhere As noted in the story, mobile use certainly is becoming the most common way things are going to be getting done in the future. And accordingly it does seem that using the cloud access is the way to move. Noting "loss prevention though the use of cloud security services, can handle any user and any resource no matter where they reside," and that's going to be the way folks are going to be accessing company resources in the future.
Ariella 3/22/2017 | 9:22:09 AM
Re: Everywhere @DanielCawrey well, there are pluses and minuses to each setup. People do like the freedom of working from anywhere, but employers seem to think workers are only truly committed if they see them showing up to a workplace at a designated time. Also having hte workers together in the same space can contribute to collaboration in the way real person interaction enables. Now I'm an introvert myself and pretty content working remotly, but even so I get the sense that the people who are seen on premises are viewed as mor integral and so more valuable. 
JohnMason 3/21/2017 | 9:36:58 PM
Secure Web If all corporate devices go through secure web proxies, then I am guessing there would be less need for the expense of Internet Security software on each corporate device.
danielcawrey 3/21/2017 | 3:26:34 PM
Everywhere I'm writing this from a coffeeshop. Later today, I'll take a bus and work on there. 

The mode of work is changing. Sometimes, the always-on mentality can be a grind. But you've just got to take breaks. I think I like this way better than sitting in an office. 
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