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SlideshowCloud Drives Infosys Plan to Bring 10K Jobs To US

Phil_Britt 5/18/2017 | 12:54:05 PM
Re: Offshoring This happens far too often, though recently some jobs have moved back on shore for quality control purposes. But there is still a net outflow.
Mitch Wagner 5/4/2017 | 11:46:34 AM
Re: Offshoring You hear a lot about just that happening. I think there was even a sitcom based on the premise. I wonder how common it is. 
danielcawrey 5/3/2017 | 8:15:26 PM
Offshoring I recently watched a 60 Minutes segment about companies in India that take over American jobs. Worse yet, the US-based employees have to train their replacements! Sounds like a terrible thing. 
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