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SlideshowAmazon Scoops Up Sqrrl for Cloud Security

[email protected] 1/30/2018 | 12:19:00 PM
Re: Postioning Yes and even though the issue may have been user error it is still pinned on Amazon. Making security a priority will be a necessity in creating domination in the market I expect more enhancement are on the way either build or buy.
kq4ym 1/30/2018 | 9:46:33 AM
Re: Postioning To keep its lead over the competition, even though a big lead at this time, Amazon's partnerships in finding new security solutions will be an evermore important aspect of their business for years to come.
Joe Stanganelli 1/29/2018 | 11:52:57 PM
Re: Postioning @maryam: ...particularly because of the bad press they've gotten lately over some clients not knowing how to configure their S3 buckets properly (and paying for their mistakes).
[email protected] 1/26/2018 | 6:46:09 PM
Postioning Not surprising as Amazon seeks cloud domination any increase in security that they can advertise will give them an advantage. It will be interesting to see how the integration plays out and how the benefits are positioned in the marketplace.
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