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Enterprise Cloud Tortures Telcos

AUSTIN, Texas -- Big Communications Event -- Y'all are making things hard on telcos.

Enterprises are expecting the same flexibility and rapid service from carrier networks that hypercloud providers offer for compute and storage. And carriers are straining themselves to meet the demand.

Until recently, enterprises needed connectivity from hundreds of locations at most, and those locations were offices. Now, the proliferation of cloud services, mobile devices, Internet of Things and more mean enterprises have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of endpoints demanding connectivity, Roman Pacewicz, AT&T Business Solutions senior vice president for offer management and service integration, said at a panel this week.

And historically, carrier networks aren't set up to meet those demands.

Virtualization is the answer, providing networks with the flexibility to meet enterprise demands. But enterprises still demand legacy technologies, and uniting old and new technologies exacerbates enterprise difficulties.

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