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SlideshowCisco Buys July Systems to Help Track People Indoors

James_B_Crawshaw 6/19/2018 | 5:37:27 PM
Cluedough July Systems in the kitchen with the bluetooth sensor making a killing. 
kq4ym 7/5/2018 | 9:00:48 AM
Re: Cluedough I would think that tracking folks indoors thorugh wifi signals might prove useful, although I'm not altogether sure what's really efficient. While a "big-box retailer might use location services to figure out which areas of a store are most heavily trafficked, and move sale products to those spots," that seems like overkill when a simple eyeball look at the store would be quick and easy enough. It would seem there should be more novel uses for tracking people someone's going to come up with.
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