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SlideshowArista Takes Aim at Cisco: 'Legacy Routers Are a Thing of the Past'

danielcawrey 12/9/2017 | 6:17:09 PM
Re: How hard to replicate? It sounds like Arista with EOS is able to better plug in to a software-defined future. At least for now. 

That't great if you want to take shots at Cisco. I think that company knows it needs to move past traditional routing. The M&A conducted suggests it knows already. 
mhhfive 12/6/2017 | 1:12:45 PM
Re: How hard to replicate? Hmm. I'm not so sure that a unified platform is always an advantage. Sure, it can make some things simpler-- but usually it also makes doing more complex things harder, too. Some users want the flexibility to have multiple systems instead of a unified platform. To each their own...
Mitch Wagner 12/6/2017 | 12:55:37 PM
Re: How hard to replicate? They could do that -- and are. But Cisco and other legacy players still have multiple platforms to support. Arista is touting its unified platform as a competitive advantage. 
dwx 12/6/2017 | 11:07:44 AM
Re: How hard to replicate? I don't think it's any different than what other vendors are doing, and in some cases Arista is just now adding features other vendors have had for years now.  
mhhfive 12/6/2017 | 10:42:49 AM
How hard to replicate? I wonder how hard it would be for Cisco (or anyone else) to modify their existing systems with a software update to allow for a similar strategy of expansion -- or a hybrid version.
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