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SlideshowIBM Cloud Taps Into Nvidia GPUs for AI & HPC

(Source: IBM)
(Source: IBM)

[email protected] 2/23/2018 | 4:57:11 PM
Re: Custom chips... Very true and even the big tech players are clawing at each other daily impacting there share and leadership in different markets. I don't think anyone would have predicted what Amazon is doing today across retail B2B and B2C. It will be interesting to see how they all evolve and use each other's technology for leadership in different markets.
mhhfive 2/23/2018 | 3:09:18 PM
Re: Custom chips... > " a bet on who can get to market sooner with the most practical solution..."

Certainly so. There's almost no way to predict what will be the "best" solution as tech developments happen. So not having all the eggs in one basket is part of making sure you're not totally left behind. Only disruptors can afford to bet everything on a single approach -- and Google/IBM/Apple/etc aren't startups anymore. 
[email protected] 2/21/2018 | 12:11:00 PM
Re: Custom chips... It may be a bet on who can get to market sooner with the most practical solution many companies make simultaneous investments when they are not sure they can bring a technology to market quickly enough to impact their competitive position.
mhhfive 2/5/2018 | 3:11:34 PM
Custom chips... Google and IBM both have their own custom chips for AI tasks, so it's interesting to see that they're still supporting Nvidia hardware over their own. Sure, their own AI hardware is pretty immature, but it's an interesting strategy to support other hardware and at the same time develop proprietary solutions. It's all part of the "we don't know what will happen, so let's throw everything at the wall to see what sticks" strategy that companies are adopting more and more (when they have the resources to do so).
[email protected] 1/31/2018 | 10:27:30 PM
Re: Access Scott interesting so I expect the pricing will be tiered based on needs?
Susan Fourtané 1/31/2018 | 7:28:27 PM
Autonomous vehicles Nvidia’s is also advancing in the autonomous vehicle space thanks to GPU and advanced machine learning. A vehicle automatically taught itself by watching how a human drove. This, of course, in a responsible environment where the human was doing things in the right way. As always, how autonomous entities will react and act in the future depends entirely of how human feeds the source of knowledge.
Susan Fourtané 1/31/2018 | 7:13:48 PM
Holodeck GPU certainly changes the way we work. One of my favourite Nvidia projects in the Holodeck. It’s like Star Trek’s Holodeck but instead of being for recreational purposes it’s for collaboration. Holodeck is going to be useful for companies to simulate and experiment without having to build the physical elements. It was demostrated using an example of a car manufacturer at Nvidia’s GPU Conference, and also at a VR conference in London last year.
Scott_Ferguson 1/31/2018 | 3:39:39 PM
Re: Access @maryam: It helps with the pricing. You set your workload and run your apps and then move on. It's more for research than for say your everyday run of the mill AI apps.

[email protected] 1/31/2018 | 3:17:31 PM
Access Scott why is Google limiting access to 24-hour bursts?
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