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kq4ym 2/27/2018 | 11:53:33 AM
Re: Pie charts! It is sometimes more readily visible to see the pie chart with Amazon taking the big portion, pointing out how much it's lead over the other two or three big guys really is making Amazon the elephant in the pie pan.
mhhfive 2/8/2018 | 12:19:13 PM
Re: Pie charts! I'm surprised Google isn't doing better than msft azure. I think that demonstrates how bad Google's reputation is for customer service.
kq4ym 2/7/2018 | 8:41:32 AM
Re: Pie charts! While Google is boasting of it's readiness now to handle the biggest businesses and it's increasing market share it's obviously got a long long way to go to capture what may be needed especially as Alibata seems to be steadfastly moving forward at a good clip as well.
mhhfive 2/2/2018 | 12:41:43 PM
Pie charts! I really wish they'd make these marketshare charts into pie charts, instead of bar graphs... just my personal preference visually. It's fascinating to see how dominate Amazon is with about a third of the entire market.
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