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Juniper Eases Transition to Hybrid, Public Clouds

Juniper Networks has introduced management software, a switch and professional services designed to help enterprises make the transition to public and hybrid clouds.

Enterprises making that change face the challenge of using data centers in multiple geographies, with some data centers run by cloud providers not even under the enterprise's own control. In the face of these challenges, enterprises need to maintain control over their own data, business continuity and compliance with regulations including data sovereignty.

"What we're introducing is a framework, to enable them to manage, deploy and transition to the new model," Scott Miles, Juniper senior director of portfolio marketing, tells Light Reading.

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To that end, Juniper Networks Inc. (NYSE: JNPR) introduced its Unite Cloud framework Tuesday, to help enterprises create hybrid multi-cloud architectures. It's part of Juniper's Unite architecture, which includes the Unite Campus product introduced in June and the Unite Cloud-Enabled Branch from 2015.

Juniper enhanced its Junos Space Network Director management application to stand up automated fabric, using the Contrail controller to connect multiple clouds.

It also launched a Juniper Networks QFX5110 switch with 100Gbit/s capacity to scale to greater network demands, and Juniper Networks Contrail JumpStart professional services.

In the face of competition that's heating up, Juniper specializes in end-to-end networking, distinguishing itself from competitors like Cisco and Huawei, which offer a diversity of services and end-user hardware. (See What Is Juniper Nowadays?.)

Juniper's main competitor for enterprise cloud networking infrastructure is Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO), which goes beyond networking to incorporate application and Internet of Things management. This month, Cisco acquired AppDynamics, which specializes in application and business performance monitoring for cloud, for $3.7 billion. (See Cisco Buying AppDynamics for $3.7B and Cisco's AppDynamics Deal Goes Beyond Cloud.)

Cisco is gaining market share in providing cloud infrastructure, but Dell and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are still market leaders, according to a recent analyst report. (See Cisco Gains, Dell & HPE Lose on Cloud Infrastructure - Analyst.)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently acquired Cloud Cruiser, which provides cloud analytics, for an undisclosed sum, following the acquisition of hyperconverged server provider SimpliVity for $650 million. (See HPE Expands Cloud Offerings With Cloud Cruiser Acquisition and HPE Buys SimpliVity for $650M in Hyperconverged Cloud Play.)

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