Cloud Native/NFV

SlideshowWashington State DoT Builds Its Cloud One Blade at a Time

Ariella 8/11/2017 | 1:25:37 PM
Re: Benefits @Scott each has their benefits, and some people opt to go for the best of both with a hybrid approach.
Scott_Ferguson 8/9/2017 | 3:26:45 PM
Re: Benefits @danielcawrey: And one the reasons why the DoT decided to go with this itself is that it needed to control the compute resources itself. Public cloud has its benefits, but in this case the DoT gets more milage out of the private cloud. 
danielcawrey 8/8/2017 | 3:31:53 PM
Benefits I really like the idea of private clouds. 

If your organization is large enough, it makes a lot of sense to have a private cloud up and running. 
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