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SlideshowVMware's Cloud Momentum Continues Through Q2

Joe Stanganelli 8/28/2017 | 4:44:13 PM
Re: Open source @daniel: Sure, but what is VMware going to provide, realistically, that GSMA already does not?

I fear standards competition.
danielcawrey 8/28/2017 | 2:04:19 PM
Re: Open source VMware has a big opportunity in IoT if they can help with building the right framework for this emerging industry. 

What's needed are standards and better security. VMware can certainly help with that. 
Joe Stanganelli 8/26/2017 | 10:27:59 AM
Open source On the one hand, this potentially helps go to show that for all the benefits (perceived and actual) of open-source cloud, proprietary still does the trick for many enterprises.

But on the other hand, VMware has been getting more involved with Red Hat, OpenStack, and the like lately. All the giants are recognizing the importance of open source involvement and leadership to their future bottom lines.
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