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SlideshowSysco Looks to Multi-Cloud for Digital Transformation

JohnMason 8/30/2017 | 9:42:51 AM
I don't understand What are the little pucks you get from the counter at a restaurant? And they can be replaced by apps?
danielcawrey 8/30/2017 | 11:18:40 AM
Re: I don't understand This sounds like a play to provide logistics and technology advice. It's like a managed services type of thing. I get it and it makes sense. The restaurant and larger hospitality industry is very fickle, and improving these things can help. 
JohnMason 8/30/2017 | 6:45:33 PM
Re: I don't understand So you know what these pucks are? And improving them can offset industry fickleness?
Susan Fourtané 8/31/2017 | 8:56:43 AM
Re: I don't understand either John: I am also having trouble understanding what those “pucks” are. Certainly not fairies out from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. That’s the only “Puck” I could think of first. Then I thought about ice-jockey pucks. But ... what are those pucks? > "Even something as silly as the little pucks you get from the counter at a restaurant -- what if we could build an app for that instead," Nikolaiev said. Each little puck costs $50, and eliminating those could save restaurants significant costs.“> Perhaps Mitch can help?
Susan Fourtané 8/31/2017 | 1:35:55 PM
Cheesecake rip-off I was here wondering if I should go to get some cheesecake for my tea and this part of the article came to my mind again> Sysco is working with restaurants on improving their menus. "If you sell something called cheesecake, you sell it for $4.99, but if you put a drizzle of strawberry and a sprig of mint on it, and put a picture of it on the menu, our research shows you can charge $7.99." And the improvements don't add significantly to the cost.”> Okay. And I will call that a cheesecake rip-off. Still thinking about my cheesecake, I wonder how the customers of that restaurant where their menu is being “improved” can react to this. I also wondered if thanks to the “improvements” the restaurant starts losing customers Sysco is going to still keep its business with that restaurant. Perhaps it’s because I personally don’t like it when a place tries to charge me for a small slice of cheesecake more than twice the price a whole cheesecake would cost me. I would definitely like to see that research Sysco mentions.
Mitch Wagner 8/31/2017 | 1:43:11 PM
Re: I don't understand JohnMason - I was wondering as I wrote the article whether I needed to explain the pucks, and now I see I needed to. 

When a customer goes to a restaurant and leaves their name with the hostess for a table, if there is a wait, the hostess hands the customer a little electronic wireless gadget the size of a hockeypuck. The puck lights up and vibrates when the customer's table is ready.

Previously, restaurants used loudspeakers or they just shouted the customer's name. 

JohnMason 8/31/2017 | 3:46:16 PM
Re: I don't understand Sounds like Chuck E. Cheese! (And I could use a nice niblet corn and pineapple pizza right now!)
Susan Fourtané 9/3/2017 | 5:29:31 PM
Re: I don't understand Mitch, thanks for explaining the restaurant pucks. If there are no tables available I go to another restaurant. I have never been in the situation of waiting for a table. Usually, restaurants that get too busy have a booking system. But I see now how it could be convenient and better to replace those restaurant pucks with an application.
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