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SlideshowStuck Stacks: How Free Software Gets Expensive

Phil_Britt 9/19/2017 | 1:19:29 PM
Re: Stuck The "free" aspect isn't limited. Many "free" items wind up being fairly costly.
kq4ym 9/18/2017 | 9:16:52 AM
Re: Stuck I wonder what the consensus will be for those finding this problem and how they choose to find ways offgetting around the problem with minimal time and trouble. I would guess it's going to be a growing issues as the years roll through and newer versions are continually rolled out.
danielcawrey 9/5/2017 | 2:38:15 PM
Stuck As much as I have been an advocate for OpenStack, this is a worrying trend. 

The biggest problem is that using an older unsupported implementation leaves an organization very vulnerable to security issues. Not good. 
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