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SlideshowMicrosoft's 'CrystalNet' Looks to Eliminate Cloud Downtime

download.zone 12/31/2019 | 7:06:56 AM
android emulator Once again thanks for the detailed info. Well till today I believed that the BlueStacks is the best android emulator with high performance and smoother graphics to bring the optimum gameplay. But as said, if MS is developing this cloud-scale emulator that would be free from any bug or malfunction then the gaming industry will see a big revolution.

Let's wait and watch.
Ariella 11/1/2017 | 1:19:55 PM
mirror <Right now, CrystalNet is being used by Azure engineers to create mirror images of Microsoft's public cloud to help "validate and reduce the risk of new network designs, major network architecture changes, network firmware/hardware upgrades and network configuration updates," Bahl wrote>

It sounds like a smart move. Does this distinguish their cloud service from AWS, or does Amazon offer something similar?
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